Social Media Marketing Agency Montreal

The modern word of mouth

It’s not enough to do social media marketing, you have to do it well.

Be it a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, Suite 203 Communications selects the right social media marketing platforms for your brand and sets measurable goals. We establish a voice of credibility and authority, one that will be heard and stand out from the crowd. We create a branded social media marketing strategy that’s on point with your overall communications program. We curate content to enhance your brand vision. We help you grow and cultivate your following to ensure your message is received by the right audience, whether it be locally here in Montreal, throughout Canada or North America. With geographically targeted socSocial media marketing Montrealial media marketing we engage with the best influencers for your brand.

Suite 203 Communication’s social media strategies include:

  • Branding your social channels
  • Content development, targeted to your audiences
  • Photo and video creation
  • Engagement and interaction
  • Liking and commenting
  • Following relevant influencers


Social media marketing is part of a comprehensive and integrated marketing action plan. See how strategic content and public relations can take your marketing program to the next level.